We export french wine barrels all over the world

The Tonnelleries de Bourgogne export french barrels from tonnellerie Damy and Billon

Our business

Les Tonnelleries de Bourgogne is the export department to both Tonnellerie BILLON and Tonnellerie DAMY. The organization’s principle focus is to meticulously manage each Customer file – processing, fabricating and coordinating the logistics of all orders. We are now all over the world and we have develop with the years a know-how and experience. We [...]

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We export barrels of Tonnellerie Billon

Tonnellerie Billon which is located in Beaune (Burgundy), and managed by Vincent Damy, who oversees 22 coopers and an annual production of 10,000 barrels. Billon also owns and manages a small stave mill.

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A quotation, order, a request for information, comment or suggestion? We ship our products worldwide: info@tonnelleries-bourgogne.com

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Where does we export ?